Sponsorhip game + Promotion
Fantasy Games are products aimed at sponsorship. Our products have particular spots to that purpose.

Traditional spots:

Brand integration within a site’s header.
Brand integration in informative modules.
Newsletter sponsorship.

Sponsorship is also attained by integrating the brand in the game itself:

T-shirt sponsorship.
Advertising banners in the stadium.
Wide screen in the stadium.

Sponsorship sales are an excellent opportunity for a media to obtain 360º sales, generating revenues in TV, radio, graphic media, web-related formats, etc.

Fantasy Games constantly generate traffic and, since they are aimed at a particular type of public, they become a great opportunity to carry out campaigns targeting the 18-25 years’ old high-purchasing-power sports-fans sector.
Our platform allows for entering the adserving codes of the different media, so all the spots are 100% managed by the media, as well as their generated revenue.

premiumPremium Version
Currently, our platform offers a user fidelization alternative through different benefits. Whether targeted to our customers or simply to registered users in our customers’ websites, we offer the benefit of a limited number of codes to be used as a fidelization tool.

virtual goodVirtual Good
Fagames is constantly generating new interactive advertising spots. Currently, virtual goods are not related to the user’s performance but are general to all users. We are now developing virtual goods that are associated to payments and to performance-related points.

smsSMS (registration, alerts)
Our games have a unique-code generator which allows for generating actions with coupons and SMS. SMS have become an effective way of making micro-payments. The game allows for obtaining additional transfers by means of integrating a cell phone company. The process is very transparent for the user, resulting in a powerful business-generation tool.

googleBanners / Google AdSense
If your brand has a Google Adsense account as revenue generator, we may include the TAG in definite advertising spots.

newsletterAdvertising Newsletter registration
Our games have Newsletters that are automatically generated with sponsorship in mind.
Invitation to a friends’ league.
I forgot my password.

social networkingSocial Networks
Actions carried out by game players may be posted in Facebook and Twitter. This feature, besides acting as an excellent virality engine, is a strong branding component cherished by sponsors.


“We have received an excellent response since the beginning of the Fantastic League South American Nissan Cup 2007. The team effort has allowed us to improve and surprise our users in each new edition of the game.”



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