Futbolo reaches the Social Gaming market, a business which will collect revenues of $ 1 billion worldwide during 2011.

Buenos Aires. August 9, 2011. FaGames announced the release of Futbolo, the first social game that allows users to predict football soccer results on Facebook, combining social games mechanics and worldwide most popular sport.

The game, available in more than 10 languages, allows Facebook users to compete with their friends and workmates predicting the results of more than 15 world leagues, such as The Spanish League, The Italian Serie A, and The British Premier League.

“This is FaGames first own project as Publishers, our first release for Facebook. We specialize in the development and provision of Social Real Games, combining virtual and real-world items. This is the time for soccer scores; but we will be launching new games for the North American Market such as NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB in the next months”, explains Gonzalo Rodríguez, FaGames Commercial Director.

First Fantasy Football in Venezuela

Tuesday, 23 August 2011 19:52

In August 2011 we launched Fantasy Fútbol Lider, the first Fantasy Football game in Venezuela, for the sports newspaper “Lider en Deportes” (

The game is about being manager of a fictional team. Users create a team choosing 18 real players and based on the real performance in Venezuela tournament each player scores points.

Fantasy Football Leader also has a system of free and paid transfers, with which the user can change their roster during the game.

Launch Fantasy Fútbol Lider

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“We have received an excellent response since the beginning of the Fantastic League South American Nissan Cup 2007. The team effort has allowed us to improve and surprise our users in each new edition of the game.”



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