Case Studies

Fox Sports

Continued development for Fox Sports fantasy leagues for the Copa Nissan Sudamericana, Copa Libertadores and UEFA Champions League. Since the start in 2007 already have a gaming community of over 600,000 registered participants claiming each new edition of the game. With an unprecedented virality our product is # 1 in Google searches in Latin America and more than 40,000 search results.

TV Azteca + Cerveza Sol

TV Azteca developed with the most popular game of the 2010 World Cup in Mexico. With a 360 ° strategy “Predictor Sun” was installed as one of the promotions of more participation during the tournament. The game featured the participation of five journalists who promoted the viral challenging game between them on their television shows and from South Africa.


“We have received an excellent response since the beginning of the Fantastic League South American Nissan Cup 2007. The team effort has allowed us to improve and surprise our users in each new edition of the game.”



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